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Team American Psychos
Is a team of guys that lives to play paintball. We play every chance we can, and play to win. American Psychos, as a team swore kind of brotherly oath, that we will not cheat. Cheating isn't cool, and it is NOT tolerated on our team. We play to build skills, we play to have fun. What other sport can you play, where you can elimniate other players, SAFELY, and then, go back to the rec area and have a soda, without killing each other? NONE, not soccer, not football, most certainly not hockey! Thats why we love the sport. I mean, sure, we are "running around shooting each other", but it's not like we are practicing to kill. Matter of fact, team members are scolded for using words like "kill". And we don't refer to our markers as "guns" around non-players. We love to play, thats why we made this web page. We want to share just a fraction of the joy we feel every time we don the mask, and run out onto the field.

Our Goals
The goals for Team American Psychos are simple:
1. To have fun
2. To do our very best in everything
3. To play hard and play fair
4. To become well known, not only as respectable players, but also as true sportsmen.

American Psycho's 2 Cent's
Team American Psychos,(has been around since April of 2002.

We at Team American Psychos enjoy the sport of paintball so much, we think it should be an olympic event. We wish that the dumb asses who vandalize with their paintmarkers would just die, or at least go to prison and get bubba for a cell mate. What we are trying to say is this, we love the sport, and we built this site, to share, and to let everyone out there know that we love the sport.

So, please, check out our site, write down the URL, and come back whenever. Also, sorry its not a . com, but we are just starting out for pete's sake.

Anything you want to know that I haven't said?
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